Areca Bio-degradable Plates

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* All natural – chemical and bleach free
* 100% compostable
* Naturally bio-degradble
* Can be reheated on Microwave up to 2 min .200C
* Now a days Areca leaf plates and cups are considered as very hygienic products in the market. Its easily degradable and eco-friendly products which doesn’t cause any harm full/hazardous to the surrounding environment and human habitat.
* Areca plates belonging to palmaceace family. The farmers of southwestern parts of the India mainly in malnad and Western Ghats region in Karnataka have been rising areca plantation in lakhs of hectares, from thousands of year. Most of the farmers are growing this palntations organic and inorganic farming practice.  Made entirely from dry leaves and produced by fair-wage worker’s in Southern India. Colour of plates may vary but that doesn’t mean there’s any thing wrong with them. It’s just proof of Mother nature’s determination to make everything special and unique. Be it you. Or a leaf.
* Now a day’s people are aware about eco friendly products. Also using hot food products put in plastic/PVC material is found to cause health hazards. This areca plates and cups will be major substitutes for plastic/PVC materials, eatable and foods in cold, hot, solid, and liquid eatables is advantage. Its affordable, comfortable for holding eatables.