Future Aspirations

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Future Aspirations
  • To make better living conditions of the member-artisans to make them more self-sufficient.
  • To afford free medical aid and periodical check ups of eyes as the work in which they involved is causing more eyestrain.
  • To introduce more saving schemes.
  • To observe fair trade principals in a more realistic manner
  • To improve our business with fair trade organizations in many folds and to obtain their co-operation and help for the development of our Society.

Dire needs of our society:

  • Women Education and Development Program: Adult education center to be opened.
  • Anti-Dowry Advocacy: Holding meetings in villages for making people conscious of their mal practice in taking dowries.
  • Clinic: Funds to run the clinic to help the old member artisans by giving medical assistance.
  • Eye Checkup: Need to support the artisans financially in their regular Eye Checkups.
  • Motor Vehicles: Need sufficient funds to provide a vehicle to help the artisans at various critical conditions.
  • Training for members: Funding is required for conducting training classes in-order to educate them about the newest and latest designs.