Progress of Society

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Progress of Society

Our society was established in the year 1979 with a meager strength of 50 women artisans. The society was established for the development of women lace artisans who are under exploitation by the exporters are in the habit of paying throw away wages extract work to the maximum extend possible.

Originally the members were not much educated and have no experience in the management of co-operative sector. The following are quite essential for the management affairs.

  • Education
  • Awareness in the participation of society affairs and administration
  • Fair Trade principles.
  • Quality maintenance.
  • The society inculcated in the members to work with team spirit and to participated actively in the affairs of the administration and decision-making.

We are having full brief and faith in the fair trade. We are paying equitable and fair wages to the member artisans having regard to the value of the labor, which are double treble the wages the merchant exporters are paying. The members are able to have proper sustenance consequently they re able to enjoy the fruit they derive out of co-operative work.

Transparency in the financial affairs is quite essential for thriving of the co-operative society. We follow the policy of transparency relating to the financial information, business practices and marketing. The members are in full awareness of all the affairs of the organization. The prices we fix are in consultation with the members and depending on the majority decision. We arrive at the fair prices into consideration to the cost of raw material, fair wage, to laborers, establishment charges and medical expenses and such other expenses that are necessary having regard to the welfare of the member artisans etc. We give preference to co-operation and fair dealings in the trade and avoid any unfair trade, which comes to our notice.

Quality: we give preference to quality of goods. We produce the items, which are environmentally congenial. The goods produced by our society members are acclaimed as highly qualitative by the Alternative Trading Organizations to whom we are supplying the items and not even a single complaint was received from the inception of the society till date.

Our relationship with other fair trade partners are based on solidarity, trust an mutual benefit. In case of doubts and misunderstanding we solve them by mutual discussions and negotiations. We always maintain good relationship with the A.T.O’s. We offer our fairly priced product and give feed back about our product to them.