Welfare & Facilities

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Welfare & Facilities

Welfare & Facilities

Decision Making:
We convene the body of our members and the will of the majority prevails. Generally we conduct General Body for every 3 months for taking decisions and discussions of the problems the society is encountering. Besides business we give utmost important to the welfare of the members.

Saving Scheme:
We introduced Saving Schemes and Group Insurance for the benefit of the members.

Adult Education:
Adult education centers are started and training is imparted to them under scheme ‘AKSHARA YAJNA’.

Dowry System:
Our women folk are suffering from the menace of dowry system, which is degrading the status of the women, which is eating the morale of the people to its vitals, and ultimately leading to the dowry deaths and harassment of women. We are struggling hard to put an end to the scourge dowry system. Frequent meetings are conducted in the rural areas advocating anti-dowry and condemning dowry system and we are trying to create in the minds of the women that they are neither sub-human beings, nor subordinate to the opposite sex and they are equal in the status with that men.

The society wishes to enroll more members and enlarge its activities extending help to the morel artisans. It is trying to impart training to the new people and refresher course to the existing members to improve their efficiency in working. But unfortunately on account of paucity of funds our desire could not be fulfilled. This project is highly essential but involves more expenditure. We are trying out best to secure funds for fulfillment of this project.

Free Medical Facility:
We wish to provide free medical aid to the members and their children, which is also an expensive project. We are trying our best to fulfill this project also.

Eye Checkup Camp:
The work of member artisans causes much strain to the eyes. So, periodical eye checkup is quite essential. So eye checkups are being conducted periodically bearing the expenses by our society and spectacles are also being given prescribing lenses.