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We have a tie up with producer group in Delhi fair.  The details as follows:

We are one of the leading manufacturers of “Stuffed Leather Toys” and Gift items in India. Stuffed leather animal and leather products are our specialty. We keep trying to make our Leather Toys as much as natural. Our products are made by tying dry grass on an armature of iron wire, after that a coat of paper mache is applied to bring down the shape of the particular animal, and then the anatomy is carved out. A thin and soft covering of goat or sheep leather is then pasted on the structure. Finally, the products are painted using only natural water colours.

In Ancient India, the animals hunted down by the Maharaja’s, used to be stuffed and presented as trophies and decorative items. Taking inspiration from this we have developed a wide range of stuffed leather animal products. It started simply with the horse and the tiger, but today, we create a wide variety of specimens from across the animal kingdom. We are certain that our products will serve as cherished gift or souvenir for your loved ones.